Published 13/06/2022

EFSA, HAPIH launch food safety campaign

For the second year in a row now, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (HAPIH) have launched a communication campaign titled #EUChooseSafeFood. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the safety of the food we consume across the EU, educate the consumers about the relevant food safety issues, and encourage them to think critically about their everyday food choices.

This year’s campaign was presented to the public on June 13, by the Head of the Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health Sector at the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture Tomislav Kiš, HAPIH Director Darja Sokolić, and well-known Croatian chef Melkior Bašić. Together with blogger Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish, they discussed food safety, focusing on issues such as food waste, foodborne illnesses, and food hygiene.

Apart from Croatia, the campaign has been going on simultaneously in Italy, Spain, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Greece, and Cyprus. In Croatia, it has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and a number of institutional partners. Our Agency is in charge of providing comprehensive support for its implementation. A website has been developed as part of the campaign to allow the citizens to learn about the science behind the food that they are consuming, and find practical advice on food safety: